Due to COVID-19, we are serving clients curbside. We ask clients to call us from their vehicles to check in. The clinic curbside servers will come to your vehicle to serve you and the patient. No clients are allowed inside at this time.

Front of clinic stalls 1-3 are for drop offs & pick ups. (Drop off/pick up patient for surgery/procedure, specimens, prescriptions)

Side of clinic stalls 5-11 are for appointments. (Veterinarian & Technician appointments)

Please call to check in and let us know what stall number you are in. Please wear a mask covering your nose and mouth when we serve you curbside.

The curbside servers are the designated staff members who will come out to serve the clients and patients. They are the only staff who work outside the clinic. They will bring the patient in/out of the clinic, bring your medication/food to your car, and collect payment.

"Protocol/Procedure" Pick up medication/food or drop off specimen: Call us to check in with your stall number, your last name and patient's name. Curbside server will bring your medication/food to you/get specimen from you and collect payment.

Drop off patient for surgery/procedure: Call us to check in with your stall number, last name and patient's name. The curbside server will give you paperwork to sign- Surgery/Procedure estimate and Consent Form, then bring the patient into the clinic.

Pick up patient from Surgery/Procedure: Call us to check in with your stall number, last name and patient's name. The curbside server will collect pament, return patient to you with Discharge Instructions, and medication(s) (if applicable).

Appointments with your Veterinarian:

If you are here for an appointment, please remain in your vehicle, sit on the benches in front of the clinic or wait in our dog park. Please do not leave unless directed otherwise.

After checking in, a curbside server will get a history on the patient including your concerns for the patient. We will ask you what your preference is for communicating with your Veterinarian during the appointment: regular phone call, FaceTime, PetPro Connect Video or Google Meet.

During your appointment, Doctor will assess the patient and discuss your concerns and questions via the communication option of your choice.

At the conclusion of your appointment, the curbside server will return the patient back to you and collect payment at that time.

Technician Appointments: The curbside server will bring patient into the clinic for technicians to do the appointment. The patient will return back to you and the curbside server collect payment at that time.

We have Telemedicine appointments available. Please call us at the clinic to schedule.

PetPro Connect:

This free app allows you to communicate with our staff. It connects with your account at the clinic.
PetPro Connect allows you to:

  • Request medication refills
  • Request appointments
  • Send us text messages and pictures
  • Video call for appointments


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